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A holiday in our Tuscan winery means genuine hospitality and relaxation for our guests. It is a place of tranquility in a beautiful setting with breathtaking views of the Chiana valley. A place full of charm and heart.
It is the perfect place for the whole family, riders and non-riders, with many activities for all ages. Meet our furry friends, horses, dogs and cats, or visit the neighboring farm (400 m), from where you can get fresh cow’s milk for breakfast.
There are many reasons for you to spend your holiday with us. Many attractive and famous cities of Tuscany and Umbria are very close to our winery and also easily accessible by bus and train. Our location is an ideal base for day trips to Cortona, Arezzo, Siena, Assisi, Florence, Perugia, Lake Trasimeno, Montepulciano and Castiglion del Lago, just to name a few.

Hiking in Tuscany or maybe mountain biking?
For those who are more interested in exploring the nature, there are many opportunities for hiking and mountain biking in the mountains, hills and the valley. The nearby Lake Trasimeno offers many water sport activities and is ideal for walks and picnics on the shore. Two of the islands in the lake can be reached by a short ferry ride.

Our winery
Each work is carried out with care and hand. We attach great importance to renouncing the use of chemicals. The selection of trees and shrubs supports the natural cycle and the protection of plants. The pruning, thinning vines and harvesting grapes and olives are all done by hand. In order to make work more environmentally friendly, we installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of our company in 2009.

Olive harvest in Tuscany
Those who are interested in picking olives in Italy, who want to know how oil is extracted from the olive can visit us during the harvesting season from mid-October to mid-November. We will show you the different steps of the harvest to producing fresh olive oil.

The wine of Tuscany
You are interested in wine? You want to learn more? Then visit our winery during the harvest from mid-September to mid-October, and find out about how we produce our own wine entirely by hand! Picked and harvested by hand, the fruits arrive without damage for further processing. This guarantees a high quality end product, rich in aroma and flavor. Each step of pressing of the grapes to filling of the finished wine in the bottles is carried out by us personally. Working with an enologist also guarantees the quality of the products. And of course, all our wines can be tasted during your vacation.

Tuscany is not only famous for its fine wines and olive oil, but also for its cuisine. Vasco Nocentini, the owner of the winery, provides you gladly with his excellent traditional cuisine. All the dishes are prepared with the freshest ingredients from our garden. Due to the mild climate and fertile land, we are in the position to grow vegetables all year round and are able to eat seasonally, following the rhythm of the plants that are available to us. As our vines and olive trees, we are raising our products in a biological way. Meat and cheese are sourced from the neighbors and farmers in the area.
For those of you who want to know how pasta and gnocchi is made by himself you can participate in a cooking class. Enjoy Vasco’s tasty Tuscan dishes and learn how you can prepare local and traditional delicacies yourself.

Besides the Mediterranean cuisine Italy is also famous for its leather work, such as Handbags and shoes. Countless small shops offer a wide selection of leather craftsmanship. Friends of antiques, ceramics and gold get also their money’s worth. But the nearby Val di Chiana Outlet Village is certainly worth a trip to one or the other, too.

Holidays on our vineyard in Tuscany, one of the most beautiful places on earth.