Italian Horseman school

Italian Horseman school SIH (Scuola Italiana di Horseman)

Another way to interact with horses.
Until now, only the technique of the human being the “superior” leaders was known by the public eye. The Italian Horseman school made a different kind of communication with horses known, defined by the “elected or selected” leader. This establishes a deep relationship between human and horse, a relationship based on respect and trust, the elementary values to interact with horses and to achieve complete harmony.
Marco Vignali, the founder of the Italian Horseman School, is the first to inform about this style of communication since 2008.
The aim of the Italian Horseman school is to help women and men to understand the language of the horses. The problems that occur between humans and horses always arise due to miscommunication.
The horse, a prey animal, can only face a human (traditionally the hunter) respectfully and trusting, if it is treated by the human with respect and trust.
The person who is going on the way to be a Horseman, changes their way of communicating and thinking as part of the training and has to search for seven major properties within themselves and develop each: respect, trust, patience, sensitivity, humility, timing and determination.
The SIH does not identify with the term “natural horsemanship” for the simple reason that there really is nothing natural about it when a man (hunter) operates with a horse (prey), two naturally different creatures. If the communication between these two individuals is consistent, the “-ship”, i.e. the relationship, grows on its own.
The SIH teaches no technique, since each technique has its limits and every horse is different than the others! However, it teaches the way to adapt to any situation with the use of the basic principles of the Scuola Italiana di Horseman.
The SIH shows the way to develop from simple human being to a Horseman.
It is a journey of the human into itself, together with the horse.
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