The Team

About me, Michaela:
Horses have always been part of my life.
Italy has always been the land of where my dreams come true.
My great passion is trail riding.
I am a qualified guide with ETCD (Premier Trekking Society, Germany) and gained my experience of running a trail riding center in various stables in both Germany and Italy.
I am also a trainer from the italian horseman school ( www.scuolaitalianadi
Do you dream of discovering a new side of Tuscany from the horseback? Come and ride with me! Let me show you the Tuscany I know where the landscapes are full of character, rich and diverse in sights. Be enchanted and accompany me through the most beautiful areas of this region.
With the support of my team it is both my great pleasure and my aim to create your dream vacation.

Vasco, my partner in life:
The owner of the winery and our great chef. He makes the magic happen!
He is an awarded chef, cooking our delicious meals and also willing to share his knowledge with any aspiring cooks. He is responsible for our nice picnics outside during our rides and also provides our delicious wine and oil.
He is the heart of all we do.

All year round we have fantastic people come and stay with us to lend a helping hand. Many hands make light work and we have a lot of fun along the way.

The Horses:
Our horses are not just our horses.
They are our colleagues and our friends.
For us it is very important that the horses get the best care. For us this means that they are able to live in a group and in an environment where they can run around, climb, play and have always something fresh to munch on.
They thank us by showing us that they are physically and mentally balanced, and always show joy at work and do not even know the word veterinarian.

The Dogs:
We have two other furry friends – Jovi, our border collie and Campino, our half border collie, half spitz. Both are really friendly and great with kids.

Meanwhile five cats are living with us. We have both German housecats and beautiful Tuscan cats.