The Winery

Holidays in our tuscan winery

Holidays in our Tuscan winery means pure relaxation for our guests, natural honest hospitality, a place of tranquility in a beautiful landscape with breathtaking views into the Chiana Valley.

Wine tasting:
Combine your ride with local wine tasting at our winery!
We can offer a full wine tasting experience of our range of home produced wines including white, red and honey dessert wine.
Of course you don’t have to ride to be part of the tasting, an experience open to all (over 16yr).

About the winery:
The agricultural Farm of Vasco Nocentini was re-established in 2007. The family Nocentini lives and works since 1923 on this land. The vineyard of half a hectare and the olive grove of one hectare is managed by the owner himself.
All work is carried out with care and by hand. It is very important to avoid the use of chemicals. The greenery, the selection of trees and shrubs support the natural circulation and the protection of the plants.

The wine
The pruning of the trees, the thinning of the tendrils, the harvesting of the grapes and the olives is completed without mechanical support.
Hand-picked and selected, the fruit can be processed without further damage. This guarantees a high quality of the end products, rich in flavor and taste.
The grapes are immediately transferred to the farms’ own wine cellar to be pressed directly there.
Every step, right up to the filling of the finished wine into the bottles, is done personally and lovingly by the owner.

The olives
It is the same with the olives. After picking, these are brought to the neighboring oil mill within a very short time, where they are cold-pressed using a modern method.
Collaboration with an enologist and an experienced oil miller also ensures the high quality of the farm’s wine and olives.
To minimize the environmental impact of the farm a photovoltaic/solar system was installed on the roof of the house in 2009.